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Mando'a Lesson 5

Bait                                                                                           Jekai
Bread/Flour meal                                                                      Shuner
Broth/Soup "salted water"                                                       Pirpaak
Coarse Grain (for animals and brewing)                                  Bas neral
Crushed or ground nuts (topping)                                           Shuk'la gett'se
Dried fish meal                                                                         Gihaal
Fish                                                                                           Gi
Fruit                                                                                           Papurgaat
Grain                                                                                        Neral
Harvest                                                                                      Kyr'vhetine
Antiseptic and stimulating herb used in beverages                   Behot
Living tissue (meat, muscle, flesh)                                            Agol
Parchment bread                                                                      Haashun
Thick scented syrup used for cooking                                       Uj'ayl
Uj cake                                                                                      Uj'alayi
Vegetation                                                                                Vorpan'oy
Warra nuts                                                                               Warra'se

Drink (mostly Alcoholic)
Alcoholic drink (strong spirits made from fruit)                         Tihaar
Ale/Alcohol booze                                                                     Gal
Black Ale                                                                                  Ne'tra gal
Water                                                                                      Pirun
Wine                                                                                        Papuur'gal
Pint of ale (helmet full of ale)                                                   Buy'ce gal

Bowl                                                                                         Ya'gai
Cup                                                                                           Gai'ka
Plate                                                                                         Gaid
Spoon                                                                                       Hoshap
Table                                                                                        Kajir

To Drink                                                                                    Pirur
To Eat                                                                                      Epar
To Feast/To Devour                                                                 Eparavur
To Suck up/Absorb/Draw up (liquid)                                        Sooranir
To Taste                                                                                  Isirir
To Fish                                                                                     Beviiragir
To Hunt/Chase                                                                        Oya'karir
To Trap/Catch                                                                          Gaanaylir
To Chew                                                                                  Ba'yair

"Black ale looks good, tastes good and by golly it does you good!"
Ne'tra gal mesh'la, jat'isyc, bal, wayii, jahaal'got
Drunk "carousing"                                                                    Lararyc
Drunk "on your back"                                                               Batnor
Drunk "tired and emotional"                                                    Haryc b'aalyc
Healthy Appetite "He loves his food"                              Kaysh guur'skraan
"I'd like a glass of white wine please"      Ni copaani buyc'ika cin papuur'gal
"I'd like a pint of ale"                                                    Ni copaani buy'ce gal
"It won't eat or drink anything" ("It can wait – no rush")      N'epar nu pirur!
"Let me buy you a drink!"/ "Have a drink!"                                            Gal'gala
"Mouthburn" (state of intense burning in the mouth brought about by very spicy food)  Heturam
"Noseburn" (burning sensation in the sinuses brought about by specific spices)              Hetikles
"Richly nourishing" (dense, high-calorie food)                       Yai'yai
Over a meal (equals breaking bread together)                     Sha'kajir
"What do you want?"/What would you like?                         Me'copaani?
Tuck in!/Enjoy!  "Fill your boots!"                                          Haili cetare!

Bloated/Satisfied                                                                          Yaiyai'yc
Hot                                                                                               Nadala
Cold                                                                                              Ciryc
Full                                                                                                Yaihi'l
Empty                                                                                            Ut'reeyah
Vivid (strong distinct flavour) "bright mouth"                                Draluram
As, like (comparative)                                                                   As….as

Food Related Nouns
Small snacks (assorted) "Small Eats"                                          Skraan'ikase
Breakfast                                                                                     Lor'vram
Food                                                                                            Kai'tome
Food "a meal"                                                                              Skraan
A delicacy/a blow-out meal   "big eats"                                       Ori'skraan
Lunch                                                                                           Or'ilor
Restaurant/Canteen                                                                    Epar'yaim

My stomach is empty.  Let me buy you a drink.  What do you want to eat?  There's soup and fish and bread.  Don't eat the warra nuts – they taste like coarse grain.

Ner epan [cuy] ut'reeyah.  Gal'gala.  Me'copaani epar?  Ibac pirpaak bal gi bal shuner.  Ne gai epa te warra'se – val isiri as bas neral as.
A big thanks to all of you that are so supportive of these!

(And as you already know, Mando’a was created by Karen Traviss, everything belongs to Star Wars/LucasArts. Yes, there is a dictionary on Karen Traviss’ webpage with all this information. I’m sorry but I don’t plan on putting phonetics for how things are pronounced at this time – maybe in the future.)
CaroShadow Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010  Hobbyist
vor'e ner vod

lol I'm getting hungry from this :P
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Funny, the whole time I was making it, all I could think was "now I want a drink." LOL
CaroShadow Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2010  Hobbyist
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