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Mando'a Lesson 6


To Count                       Soletar

One                              Solus
Two                              T'ad
Three                            Ehn
Four                              Cuir
Five                              Rayshe'a
Six                                Resol
Seven                           E'tad
Eight                             Sh'ehn
Nine                              She'cu
Ten                               Ta'raysh

Twenty                          Ad'eta
Thirty                            Ehn'eta
Forty                             Cur'eta
Fifty                              She'eta
Sixty                              Rol'eta
Seventy                        Tad'eta
Eighty                           Shehn'eta
Ninety                           Shek'eta
One Hundred                Olan

Five Hundred                Reysh'olan
One Thousand             Ta'raysh'olan
Five Thousand             She'eta'olan

Sixty-Six                       Rol'eta resol

Remember!  (Per KT's guide) When speaking of plurals, add an "e" to the end of the noun.  Example:   One Blaster = Solus Tracy'uur  Three Blasters = Ehn Tracy'uure


Colour               Sal
Red                   Ge'tal
Black                 Ne'tra
Blue                  Kebiin
Yellow               Shi'yayc
Green                Vorpan
White                Cin
Gold                  Ve'vut
Brown               Daryc
Gray                 Genet

I want five Droids.  Two green droids, one gray droid and three red droids.  What colours are your lightsabers?  I want a black one.

Ni copaani rayshe'a beskar'ade.  T'ad vorpan beskar'ade, solus genet beskar'ade bal ehn ge'tal beskar'ad.  Tion sale cuyir gar Jetii'kade?  Ni copaani solus ne'tra Jetii'kade.
As always, Mando'a was created by Karen Traviss and is property of Star Wars.

(Sorry, this lesson is so much shorter then others. Internet's been on the fritz and I thought the shorter I made it, the easier it might be to upload.)

All of you know this already, but I'll say it again.

Karen Traviss has a dictionary of all these words available on her webpage. It's awesome. Go download it. She also has a grammer/pronunciation guide. They are what I'm using to make these.

Sorry no pronunciation guide here. Maybe someday.

A big thank you to all who favourite these lessons!
Dragoness-of-Night Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yay more stuff to learn :)
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yey. more :D
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