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Mando'a Lesson 7

Certainly                                  Troch
Please                                      Gedet'ye
No                                            Nayc
Sorry (I eat my insult)              N'eparavu takisit
Sorry (I kneel) [groveling]        Ni ceta
Thank you (I accept a debt)     Vor entye
Thanks a million                       Ori'vor'e
Thanks!                                    Vor'e!
Welcome                                  Olarom
Yes                                           Elek
Yeah                                         Lek
You're welcome                        Ba'gedet'ye

Attractive (not used for "looks")              Copyc
Beautiful                                                   Mesh'la
Beloved/Loved/Popular Cyare
Clever/Intelligent                                     Mirdala
Funny/Amusing                                        Nuh'la/Nuhunla
Nice one!                                                 Kandosii
Strong, powerful                                      Dral
Stubborn, tenacious                                Atin
The right stuff  (epitome of Mando virtue)      Mandokar

All helmet, no head                                 Ori-buyce, kih'kovid
Are you looking for a smack in the face mate?           Copaani mirshmure'cye, vod?
Bad                                                         Dush
Bad smell                                                Dawoor
Bandit/Villian/Thief                                  Ge'hutuun
Beyond the pale (gone too far)              Ori'suumyc
Big Man (bully)                                        Ori'jagyc
Brain Devouring (boring)                         Mirshepar'la
Brain Assassin (boring person)                Mirsh'kyramud
Coward                                                    Hut'uun
Suck on that, chum!                                 Sooran, shab!
Shove it                                                    Nar'sheb
Weak, pathetic (delicate, fragile)             Laandur
Eccentric (almost insane)                         Gedin'la
Evil                                                           Ori'dush
Jerk                                                          Shabuir
He's a disaster                                         Kaysh shu'shuk
He's an idiot ("his brain cell is lonely")     Kaysh mirsh solus
Hush                                                         K'uur
Take it or leave it!/Like it or lump it!         Ni dinu
Idiot                                                          Di'kut
Ill mannered lout                                      Besom
Lazy                                                          Sharal
Lunatic                                                       Dinii
Pipsqueak/runt                                         Vaar'ika
Reckless, suicidal (foolish)                         Jareor
Rotten low life                                          Chakaaryc
Rough as a Strill's backside                      Chaavla sa shebs be'strilli
Rough (criminal class)                               Chaavla
Screwed up                                               Shabla
Slimy                                                          Utyc
Smartass                                                   Mir'sheb
Monster/War Criminal (person who commits atrocities)              Demagolka
Stupidly oblivious of danger                      Jare'la
Useless, despicable person                      Osi'yam
Useless, stupid, worthless                        Di'kutla
Worst                                                        Dushne
You disgust me                                          Ni'duraa!
You can keep your glory (contemptuous)             Kote lo'shebs'ul narit

Curse Words (sort of)
Damn it!                                   Haar'chak!
Don't mess with me…               Ne shab'rud'ni…
Shit                                          Osik
That really ticks me off             Bic ni skana'din
Get out/Get lost                       Slana'pir
Go away!                                 Usen'ye
Messed up/Screwed                Osik'la
Rubbish                                    Duse
Shut up!                                   Ne'johaa
No way                                     Nu draar

To Apologize                            Eparavur takisit
Be Thankful                              Gedeteyar
To Punish                                 Gratiir
Hold in contempt                      Duraanir
Screw up                                  Shabiir
Teach someone a lesson         Muun'bajir
All regular disclaimers apply. ^_^ Mando'a was created by Karen Traviss. A full dictionary and grammar guide can be found on her webpage. It all belongs to StarWars/LucasArts.

This lesson is just to group similar words and phrases together to make it easier to relate to. If you are a person that can learn a language just from reading a dictionary, please come and teach me. ^_^
CaroShadow Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2010  Hobbyist
happy lesson :XD:
vor'e, keep em coming
Linzero Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I will! I probably should have done this lesson sooner, I should have been thanking people in Mando'a all this time. LOL
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