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May 18, 2010
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Mando'a Lesson 2

Who                                                                         Tion'ad/Meg/Megin
Why                                                                          Tion'jor
What                                                                        Tion/Meg/Megin
Where                                                                      Vaii
When                                                                       Tion'tuur
How many/how much                                               Tion'solet
Which                                                                       Meg/Megin

Where is this?                                                          Vaii'cuy ibic?
Where is that?                                                         Vaii'cuy ibac?
Where is [the] _____?                                             Vaii'cuy [haar] _____?

Who goes there? (Who's this/that?)                       Tion'cuy?
Who did this/that?                                                   Tion'ad ru vaabi ibic/ibac?

Why is/are____?                                      Tion'jor cuy ____?
Why did _____?                                       Tion'jor vaabi ____?

What is this/that?                                     Tion cuy ibic/ibac?
What are ___?                                          Tion cuy _____?
What if ____?                                            Tion'meh _____?

When is/are _____?                                   Tion'tuur cuy _____?
When did____?                                          Tion'tuur ru vaabi _____?

This                                                                    Ibic
That                                                                   Ibac/Meg/Megin
It                                                                         Bic

With                                                                     Ti
Over                                                                     Jaon

Here                                                                      Olar
There                                                                     Ogir

To Do Vaabir

I do                                                Ni vaabi
I did                                                Ni ru vaabi
I don't                                             Nu'ni vaabi
You do                                             Gar vaabi
You did                                            Gar ru vaabi
You don't                                         Nu'gar vaabi
He/she does                                    Kaysh vaabi
He/she did                                       Kasyh ru vaabi
He/she doesn't                                 Ne'kaysh vaabi
They do                                             Val vaabie
They did                                            Val ru vaabie
They don't                                         Ne'val vaabi
We do                                              Mhi vaabie
We did                                              Mhi ru vaabie
We don't                                          Ne'mhi vaabi

Battlefield Nouns
Backpack                                     Birgaan
Bait                                              Jekai
Basilisk War Droid                        Bes'uliik
Blade                                            Kal
Blaster                                          Tracy'uur
Bucket/Pail                                    Buyca
Bunk                                             Haavlaam
Cache                                            Haranov
Cage                                              Mircin
Camouflage                                    Hodasal
Computer                                        Solegot
Corpse                                           Kyr'ad
Crushgaunt                                    Shuk'orok
Droid                                               Beskar'ad
Execution                                          Davaab
Fire                                                    Traycn
'Freshers (Latrines)                         Oshokita
Grenade                                            Goore
Hand tools                                           Gaanure
Haven/Stronghold                                  Morut
Hill fort (high defended position)           Bral
Hole                                                       Palon
Hostage                                                 Ver'mircit
Jetpack                                                   Sen'tra
Large metal flute with sharp end           Bes'bev
Lightsaber                                             Jetii'kad/Kad'au
Machine (any device)                            Gota
Mandalorian Iron                                   Beskar
Military exercise                                     Ge'kaan
Mine                                                        Vhey
Missle                                                     Be'senaar
Mission                                                    Aka
Non-Combatant                                      Ne'kaan
Order/Command                                    Ke'gyce
Patrol                                                     Tabalut
Perimeter                                               Yustarud
Prisoner                                                  Mirci't
Radio                                                     Gayi'kaab
Saber/Sword                                          Kad
Scabbard/Sheath                                    Dalab
Saber (curved) of Beskargam                 Beskad
Stealth                                                   Dha'werd
Storage                                                   Tayat
Submarine                                               Sho'sen
Survivor                                                   Cuyan
Target/Contact                                        Lenedat
Temporary Hut                                        Vheh'yaim
Victory                                                     Parjai
X-Wing                                                    Sakagal

Vaii'cuy ner kad?  Ogir cuy te dalab.  Tion ru vaabi gar vabbi ti bic?  Tion'ad cuy?  Tion'cuy kaysh ru vaabi?  Nu'ni vaabi copaani kaysh olar.  Kaysh cuy aruetii.

(Where is my sword?  There is the sheath.  What did you do with it? Who is that?  What is he doing?  I don't want him here.  He is an outsider.)
The Mandalorian Language was created by Karen Traviss (and is property of LucasArts). All the information found here can be found on her webpage, in a dictionary format with provided grammar instruction. I am using those materials to create a lesson plan for Mando’a that could (theoretically) be taught in a classroom.

As I create more lessons, I will undoubtedly find words that belong in previous lessons, and I will try to go back and add them as I find them. I’m sure certain words will also be repeated in lessons due to my attempt at grouping things together for lesson plans. Please just indulge me. Less mistakes will be made as I get into “the groove”. (At least I hope so.)
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Aggryxialfox Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist
Know this was posted a while back, but just noticed something that clicked in my head: since dropping -r verb infinitive creates the Present Tense, using "do" as an auxilary like in English wouldn't be needed in Mando'a. 
For example, "tion ru vaabi gar vaabi ti bic?" would best be rendered something as, "tion ru vaabi gar ti bic". Kinda like saying, "what didst thou with it?"
With there being just a simple Present Tense, as long as an Object was given in a sentence, one could write the sentence not ordinary to English's Subject-Verb-Object syntax and still make sense. "Tion ti bic ru vaabi gar?"/"What with it hast thou done?"

Anyway, these Lessons were an awesome find!
Linzero Featured By Owner May 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad you could get some use out of them!
SaintGlory Featured By Owner May 26, 2010
Yay, another lesson!
CaroShadow Featured By Owner May 20, 2010  Hobbyist
yey more mando'a
Linzero Featured By Owner May 20, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! Hope you find it useful.
CaroShadow Featured By Owner May 20, 2010  Hobbyist
uhuh (can you add pronunciation next time ?)
Linzero Featured By Owner May 20, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Not planning to right now, unfortunately. It takes me enough time to put the whole thing together as it is. That's maybe something I can try to put in later. The pronuncation guide is available in the dictionary. (I know - a pain to look up one word at a time.)
Draganchroi Featured By Owner May 18, 2010
wow good stuff. really awesome.
Linzero Featured By Owner May 19, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! Hope everyone can get some use out of these! ^_^
Draganchroi Featured By Owner May 20, 2010
you are welcome.
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